You are here to download my free software for PC or download MIDI, MP3 files.

I make software for PC running on MS Windows XP, Vista and 7. Currently I have not tested everything on Windows 7, yet.
My software environments are x86 but my computer and OS are x64, they should work on your x64 PC.

Here you will find latest information on my website. Software update and stuff. And the following is from my blog:

Music files made by me.

Download MP3 files and MIDI files made by me. Mostly J.S.Bach. If you download every single one of files, you are able to listen to the music more than 7 hours.

PC software made by me (only for Windows XP, Vista and 7)

  • BHead (Meta tags and robots.txt generator)
  • GPW (Get Password - Password generator)
  • HTML Color Picker (Get HEX or RGB color value)
  • Memo (Advanced but handy plain text editor)
    Modify HTML page, PHP, JSP and even Java with syntax highligt. It allows users to compile source files (or what ever)
  • MidiToWav (Midi to wav file converter)
  • My Screen Capture (Still Beta)
  • Series Renamer (file renaming software)
  • Web Resizer (Image resizing software for web)

BHead and Web Resizer are the only I submitted on freeware download sites such as

Downloadable freeware are listed on this page.

All downloadable media files are here.
As soon as I upload new file(s), the URI will be changed. The download script takes care of it - or it does not care. This way I don't need to update download link each time I upload the file. But, please DO NOT hotlink to them, it is no idea to do so, because it changes all the time!


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